Car AIr Conditioning Services

Top Tips

Car Air Conditioning Services recommend the following top tips for keeping your car air conditioning in good order:

  • Run your air-conditioning at least once a week
  • Have the refrigerant gas checked regularly (once a year)
  • Help improve hygiene and air quality with a regular cabin filter change, as it can become blocked with pollen
  • A regular air duct clean helps remove the bacteria and fungi that can cause those unpleasant odours
  • Service air-conditioning units every 4 years to avoid costly repairs
  • Open the windows when you first get into a hot car and switch the air-con on. This helps to cool the car faster by letting the warm air out. When the car starts cooling down, close the windows again – you'll never cool the whole planet.
  • Avoid parking under trees to avoid the possibility of leaves entering the air intake
  • Avoid dusty roads conditions if possible - dust will accelerate problems with bolcked air ducts and filters
  • You may think you have a water leak under the car. In fact, the pool of water under the vehicle may well be from the air-conditioning and not a leak from the radiator or coolant system. The fluid is condensed water and this is quite normal. A genuine coolant leak will normally contain an anti-freeze additive and will have a blue/green tint. Do not try to drive a vehicle with a coolant leak.